Friday, May 10, 2013

sublime-text ! a fantastic programming editor for Window/Linux/Mac

sublime-text logoProgramming editors are one of the most personal thing for a coder. This choice may vary as per the language he/she be taking up for the current project. Switching of editor may be also due in availability of the same in the other OS environment.                                               I started my coding in window environment in C and in few days become the fan of Notepad++.Later on as a Bioinformatics, I had to change the Operating system environment for my project and had  to program in Linux (Ubuntu).
As the  notepad++ was not supported  (still not supported) , I started looking for a nearest option . I started with gedit (the default text editor in linux), then I switched to Kate,  to Vi and then to geany. Geany was easy and some of the feature made me very comfortable  eg displaying of all function on side bar.

Finally in one of my office project, I was suggested to use a new editor called sublime-text. In first few days it was quite hard , but once I got  to know some of its basic keyboard shortcut, I fell love with it.

Try It once, you may also fall in love too!
I have uploaded a cheat sheet , have a bird eye view and experiment it .

Note : I have used all the above editor for writing program in Perl,Tcl and Python. 

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