Thursday, May 30, 2013

Proxmate - Accessing video/music content sites exclusive to USA

How amny times it has happened that we have had to wait for latest episodes of some famous american sitcoms to available illegally on the internet? Many a times we have used the much maligned torrents to illegally download series and movies. The irony of all this is services like hulu or even youtube (For US users) has many episodes available instantly. Even CBS provides free episodes on its sites but it is not available to users outside USA?

So after much thoughts people started using proxy servers but again the age old problems started cropping up : advertisements. malware's, flash not working etc. I felt at times to pull out my hair. Why in India or in many other countries across the world we are not able to view due to some stupid licensing issues. Even if I have to access sites like pandora, which are indeed very good sources of music I can't.

So enough of beating around the bush and crying. I recently came across a plug-in for chrome and firefox which goes by the name of PROXMATE.  And it is simply a wonderful plugin because it uses the proxies of a US based software without the user having to do anything and magic happens. Now I have unhindred access to hulu, pandora and what not but its a amazing piece of work. Simple yet effective. Now I don't have to hunt for proxies or download stuff illegally from the torrents.
The home page of the plug-in is  and please donate generously to keep this wonderful plug-in alive.

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