Sunday, May 28, 2017

Zero MQ : implementation of Publisher/Subscriber model using node

Zero MQ is a very easy technology to implement various message passing technology. Here I am trying to implement one of most common pattern Publisher/Subscriber model  with  Node JS and Zero MQ .

In Publisher/Subscriber model , Publisher (server) publish a message , and number of client that can subscribe it to it.

Before starting to code , Plz go ahead and intall zmq in your machine . You can follow step by step command in the below github gist

Next you need to install zmq node module in your machine. I have installed it "globally" .

Let now , begin our Publisher. Here in the below code our Publisher is constantly watching a file and send a message when it find that file has been change. Let assume the file name is "pub.txt".

Here I have added the function that monitor the change in the above file and send message to all the connected client when there is change in file.So when ever u want to trigger a message all u need to make change in pub.txt file.

I have written 2 subscriber one that subscribe to cat and other to dog. Now when the server , send the message . The respective client capture the message and print it to console.

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