Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ghost - new blogging platform get funded within 12 hours of lunching @ kickstart

Ghost logo
John O’Nolan's (web designer and former deputy head of the WordPress User Interface group) new project has caught  every one eyes at kickstart. (Check out the line" Just a blogging platform!")
John want this platorm relatively simple and away from complexities ,which current wordpress has evolved into. He promises this will be just a great blogging platfrom acting like a ghost writer publisher for your blog

John went on to describe a fictional and idealistic blogging platform – Ghost. You can read his initial post here.At the time of writing that article Ghost was just an idea – but due to the overwhelming response John received it is fast becoming a reality – particularly in the last 24 hours with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to see it completed.
11 hours and 56 minutes after the Kickstarter campaign launched it was funded (you can still join in for the next 28 days).
Check out this video in which John shares the vision:

Good luck John and his team from ideapaste...

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