Thursday, May 25, 2017

Node JS : understanding the event loop in Javascript.

Most of the time , JavaScript developer have the confusion around the concept of event loop. How event loop , libuv and Google V8 interpreter works  together that make JavaScript I/O non-blocking and asynchronous.

Most of us will one-way or other , has/have encountered the question in the interview or have been asked to explain the event loop or asynchronous concept in small JavaScript script with "setTimeout" function with a callback.In many ways , the concept of event loop is a kind of  hard shell to crack for people coming from different programming background.

Recently I came across , Philip's lecture were he has not only explained the flow of code from stack , to callback queue to event loop  successfully but also demonstrated it very well.
He has even develop small tool to give demo of event loop flow and how various component of Javascript interact with each other .

Hope the above lecture will able to clear the confusion surrounding  the concept.

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