Tuesday, May 7, 2013

code.org - an initiative to teach and popularise programming in US

Recently in the past month (april) a new intiative code.org was started to popularise programming in the young people in US. The initiative has been headed by Hadi and Ali Partovi  (an early investor and  advisor for company like Google and Dropbox).
The website show a video that has snippets shots of the interview complied, showing Bill Gate (Co-founder Microsoft), Mark Zuckunberg (facebook Co-founder), Drew Houston (Co-founder Dropbox), Jack Dorsey (Twitter Co-founder) and other top notch of the industry.

The youtube video is available in two version :- 5min (quite interesting comiplation) and another the longer
version piece (1 and 9 min). Best wishes America . Hope u fell in love with coding in C "a programming language" that has not been mentioned independently in the volunteer call form and included in other.
( the missing C and BASIC )

Check out the video : 5 min version

If you already programmer , you can help this vision by becoming a volunteer and can give some time please register yourself @ link:  code help call.

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