Wednesday, May 1, 2013

philosophy behind the name - ideapaste

The new of closing down of posterous( was sad as I have maintained all my blog on that service.It was last day, and took  backup all my data and my mind started racing about what to do now.
Will it be blogger or wordpress this time.
I donot want create my blog again on any service that has cloud of shutting down in near future for about 70 years (As I am in my 20s and expect to leave the plant earth in about other 70 years)

It was again a new beginning....1 may (labour day) for a labour wishing to become an independent entrepreneur.

Many name came like a flash, some failed the availabilities criteria other where not punchy but the one that strike my heart was "ideapaste"
cursor went to box and leftover job was completed by my keystroke .
Bingo ! I got the name ......

idea   --- its all about sharing ideas
paste --- that comes while brushing.

I think techie are particular about OS (Windows/iOS/Linux), they are particular about the language too....
Are they particular about the paste they use in the morning.?

I do know about other.... but I am particular about it(Colagate).

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