Saturday, May 4, 2013

major sunset that impacted me most

Sunset can scenery for photographer or a painter, but in tech world, this jargon is used for the product that may be or will discard.(Rest in peace) . Till date , touch wood,I have used many web product or website services and they are actively running  and growing.
Though there are few names  that has become bygones of the past, which crossed my memory while I was preparing this small post.

The earliest memory is of Yahoo briefcase ! The closing down of the briefcase did not  impacted me much , as I was just got an introduction to internet, at that time .(I still donot know what the product was  meant for?). Internet speed was really cruel during that day ... along with prices we had to pay. (256Kb  for Rs.799 for unlimited plan) (Now the same applicable for water supply connection, if you living in some metro city) and the maximum from this speed you can manage was to do, was of make e-ticketing for railways, checking mail account and very popular social networking site orkut (still alive!) in India.

sunset service google wave logosunset servicesNext service that close down, did not left any mark over me was google wave(develop to replace email.) . It did not attracted much people and even alert mail for the closer news and request for the backup of the data did not left, my eye brow turned.Another , closing went down after that was, Google Buzz....(that was the only buzz that this product could create , launched against twitter)
By now, I became a smarter and started using various services of same theme.... though I regret the lost of my Favorited buzz, I marked stared .Last service was Google side wiki, which I contributed regularly to make web a beautiful place and informative. (Check out My sidewiki contribution, though Spammer made use out this google service more)

sunset service posterous logo
Among all, for me, most disastrous sunset, was of  bloging service, posterous, that close down recently.I was heavy user and started my blogging (web presence) there. I love it ease of use , its simplicity and its various option that could make you sync content with various other popular services of similar kind.

Rest in peace!

Do share about webservice close down which impacted u most in comments.....

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