Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Perl and selenium - a trail of youtube history

Recently I wanted to to get complete list of the youtube history page to a video I have seen a long time back. Though Youtube save ur maintain ur history but does not provide the option to search your history. The history button provided shows very few videos at time.

So I decided to write my own script recipe to handle this scenario. Though I have know about selenium for along time but never tried it Perl API. Let see it this can help me to get my list.

 Before reading this script recipe u need to check some info video and slide share get the functionality and usage the module (ingredient) we will going to use 

The ingredient
1. Selenium
2. Perl (U can use Java etc)
3. XPath
4. XPath Checker (addon) (this will make ur task easier to write ur regular expression of xapth) (U can get the introduction of Xpath on w3school tutorials)

Now U are ready to start to make ur own ingredient and do a bit fun.
First u need to download the selenium server asn start the server.

Next u need to install Selenium::Remote::Driver perl module  and now U can modify the script  I have wrote a small script that will do the rest.(though script need a bit of improvement and I am still working on it)
To be continued... 

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