Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nostalgia in the times of Instant GRatification!!!

This week in India was an memorable one. No no strikes, no scandals, no corruption this week but rather two very important announcements cam through which kind of made me nostalgic.

The first bit of news was that Telegram would be switched off in India from July 15. Am I sad...welll not exactly. i can't remember when was the last time when i sent or received a telegram but I do remember we had to write some as part of our English syllabus in class 10. Yes I remember the last telegram which our family received was from a cousin during the Latur earthquake to tell us that he's safe. And it was exorbitantly priced even for those times. But I guess in the age of SMS and IM it was a relic of old times

The second news was closing of Music World Stores. I still remember the first music world store at Ansal Plaza at Delhi. It was the best place to be. on a hot delhi day. I could listen to all the latest tracks across genres on the listening stations and the variety was mind boggling. My firts tryst with serious english music was at the music world.  But I never realised when youtube became the primary source of music for me and then camethe online music streaming services where I could create my own playlists and won't have to worry either about carrying CD's or illegally downloading music

SO RIP two icons from different era are no more

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  1. I came to know telegram device from the world war II documentary . Still canot forget that picture a white lady pressing her finger on a small device... and the synchronized tuk-tuk music.